Thursday, September 20, 2007

Regarding Sunita williams

As we all know that SUNITA WILLIAMS accepted islam
Im too in receipt of an email that Sunita william converted to Islam on seeing shinning Holy Mecca and Medina.
my only question is Why International media is not confirming the truth about Sunita Williams embraced Islam....................
Conversion should be a personal choice and certainly not a media hoopla. and being a muslim i know that the ability to see shining spots from space is a poor reason for converting to islam. there are more profound reasons more logical ones and certainly more scientific ones. the only thing one could appreciate about sunita williams' conversion if true is that she has done it at a time when american policies are profoundly anti islamic.
But one thing is very interesting that... When the scientists at NASA, took the pictures from their space satellites, whole world appeared to be dark except Makkah shareef and Medina shareef.

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